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20:51 [Event][New] HPGC'11: Workshop on Human centric computing, P2P, Grid and Cloud computing


20:51 [Event][New] NIAT 2011: Non-Invasive Attack Testing Workshop


10:05 [Event][New] WSPCC: Workshop on Cloud Computing (WSPCC), IMSAA-2011 Conference


19:05 [PhD][New] Stefan Brands:


19:05 [PhD][New] Mohamed Layouni: Privacy-preserving Personal Information Management


23:21 [Event][New] DATE 2012: Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference


19:24 [Event][Update] Crypto 2012 (tentative)


07:43 [Event][New] Cryptology2012: The 3rd International Conference on Cryptology and Computer Security 2012


09:17 [PhD][New] Gokay Saldamli: Spectral Modular Arithmetic


09:16 [Event][Update] Crypto 2012 (tentative)


09:16 [Job][Update] Post-Doc, Universite Libre de Bruxelles