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19:07 [Job][New] PhD Student, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States

  The Vernam Lab at WPI in Worcester, MA has two open PhD positions in applied cryptography and side channel analysis.

Candidates should have a degree in electronics, computer science or applied mathematics, with strong interest in algorithms and signal processing. Prior experience in side channel analysis and embedded software or hardware design is an asset.

We offer a competitive salary and an international cutting-edge research program in an attractive working environment. WPI is one of the highest-ranked technical colleges in the US. Located in the greater Boston area, it maintains close interaction with many of the nearby universities and companies.

17:15 [Job][New] Post-Doc, Université Libre de Bruxelles

  Applications are invited for a three-years Post-Doc position in the Quality and Computer Security research Lab ( of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

In the framework of a research project in machine learning and computer security and in collaboration with the Machine Learning Group of the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Machine Learning Group of the Université Catholique de Louvain, the successful applicant will work on the use of machine learning techniques in the design of secure architectures.

06:09 [PhD][New] Sareh Emami: Security Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms

  Name: Sareh Emami
Topic: Security Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms
Category: secret-key cryptography

06:07 [PhD][New] Anderson C. A. Nascimento: Bounds and Constructions for Mutually Distrustful Information Theoretically Secure Cryptographic Protocols

  Name: Anderson C. A. Nascimento
Topic: Bounds and Constructions for Mutually Distrustful Information Theoretically Secure Cryptographic Protocols
Category: foundations

06:07 [PhD][New] Hideki Imai

  Name: Hideki Imai

06:04 [PhD][Update] Christophe Tartary: Authentication for Multicast Authentication

  Name: Christophe Tartary
Topic: Authentication for Multicast Authentication
Category:cryptographic protocols


Multicast communication enables the distribution of digital content from a single source to a large audience via a public channel such as the Internet. Broadcasting has applications in sensor networks, pay-TV, software updates and military defense systems to name a few. As these applications will distribute private or sensitive information, multicast protocols must provide data origin authentication as well as data confidentiality. In this thesis, we focus our investigations on ensuring authentication of the data source.

Large-scale broadcasts normally do not repeat lost contents since the loss of any piece of data could generate a prohibitive number of redistribution requests at the sender. In addition, the communication channel can be under the control of adversaries performing malicious actions on the data stream. Thus, the security of authentication protocols relies on two aspects: the opponents' computational powers and the network properties. Cryptographic protocols without a security proof cannot be considered as secure in practice as many constructions originally thought secure were successfully broken. Many unconditionally secure schemes were designed. Unfortunately their optimal security is at the cost of a large storage requirement or a one-time use which makes these constructions unsuitable for practical applications. In this work, we assume that the adversaries have polynomially bounded computational powers.

The purpose of this thesis is to design provable secure protocols providing non-repudiation of the origin of a data stream over an unsecured communication channel. We will emphasize that our constructions provide practical solutions to the stream authentication problem, i.e. the requirements of provable security are compatible with the settings of broadcasting.


17:39 [Job][New] Postdoc, Microsoft Research

  I wanted to bring your attention to the availability of post-doc research positions at MSR Cambridge.

The Constructive Security team within Programming Principles and Tools devises formal techniques and models for understanding cryptographic primitives, protocols and security critical systems, and develops related implementation technology. Our approach is informed by code-based cryptographic reasoning as well as cutting-edge language-based security and program verification. We are looking for exceptional postdoctoral research candidates to join our vibrant research community.

MSR Cambridge:

Programming Principles and Tools:

Constructive Security:

To apply for a post-doc position, use the tool here:

The deadline for completed applications and references is January 5 – do start early so your referees can upload their letters in time.

It’s a good idea to drop me (markulf (at) or Cedric (fournet (at) an email too, to let us know you plan to apply.

17:53 [Event][New] EUSIPCO: European Signal Processing Conference, Information Forensics and Security

  Submission: 13 February 2015
Notification: 22 May 2015
From August 31 to September 4
Location: Nice, France
More Information:

18:59 [PhD][New]


18:58 [PhD][New]


18:57 [PhD][New] Miklos Santha

  Name: Miklos Santha