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11:15 [PhD][New] Jean-Luc Danger


20:38 [PhD][New] Kerstin Lemke-Rust Models and Algorithms for Physical Cryptanalysis


20:38 [PhD][New] Patrick Longa High-Speed Elliptic Curve and Pairing-Based Cryptography


18:09 [PhD][New] Sven Laur Cryptographic Protocol Design


18:08 [PhD][New] Kaisa Nyberg


07:09 [PhD][New] Lothrop Mittenthal Operator-Valued Polynomials in a Complex Variable, and, Generalizations of Spectral Theory


07:09 [PhD][New] Angus E. Taylor


19:48 [PhD][New] Mohammad Mahmoody Studies in the Efficiency and (versus) Security of Cryptographic Tasks


19:48 [PhD][New] Boaz Barak


15:30 [PhD][New] Martin Simka Analysis and Implementation of Selected Blocks for Public-Key Cryptosystems in FPGAs


15:30 [PhD][New] Fischer Viktor Fast Methods of Digital Image Segmentation