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19:48 [PhD][New] Boaz Barak


15:30 [PhD][New] Martin Simka Analysis and Implementation of Selected Blocks for Public-Key Cryptosystems in FPGAs


15:30 [PhD][New] Fischer Viktor Fast Methods of Digital Image Segmentation


15:30 [PhD][New] Drutarovsky Milos Signal Processors in Digital Signal Processing


15:27 [PhD][New] Yi Mu


14:23 [PhD][New] Victor Boyko On All-or-Nothing Transforms and Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols


14:23 [PhD][New] Yevgeniy Dodis Exposure-Resilient Cryptography


14:24 [PhD][New] Zulfikar Ramzan A Study of Luby-Rackoff Ciphers


14:24 [PhD][New] Leonid Reyzin Zero-Knowledge with Public Keys


14:24 [PhD][New] Stanislaw Jarecki Efficient Threshold Cryptosystems


14:24 [PhD][New] Jonathan Herzog Computational Soundness for Standard Assumptions of Formal Cryptography