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14:24 [PhD][New] Leonid Reyzin Zero-Knowledge with Public Keys


14:24 [PhD][New] Stanislaw Jarecki Efficient Threshold Cryptosystems


14:24 [PhD][New] Jonathan Herzog Computational Soundness for Standard Assumptions of Formal Cryptography


14:24 [PhD][New] Moses Liskov New Tools in Cryptography: Mutually Independent Commitments, Tweakable Block Ciphers, and Plaintext Awareness via Key Registration


06:30 [PhD][New] Dwaine Clarke Towards Constant Bandwidth Overhead Integrity Checking of Untrusted Data


14:24 [PhD][New] Simon L. Garfinkel Design Principles and Patterns for Computer Systems That Are Simultaneously Secure and Usable


14:25 [PhD][New] Kevin Fu Integrity and access control in untrusted content distribution networks


14:25 [PhD][New] Susan Hohenberger Advances in Signatures, Encryption, and E-Cash from Bilinear Groups


14:47 [PhD][New] Qingsong Ye Privacy Preserving Dataset Operations


20:57 [PhD][New] Michael de Mare Secure Set Membership Using 3SAT


20:55 [PhD][New] Rebecca Wright Achieving Perfect Secrecy Using Correlated Random Variables