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09:46 [PhD][New] Alptekin Küpçü Efficient Cryptography for the Next Generation Secure Cloud


09:45 [PhD][New] Anna Lysyanskaya Signature Schemes and Applications to Cryptographic Protocol Design


09:45 [PhD][New] Claudio Orlandi Secure Computation in Untrusted Environments


09:42 [PhD][New] Frederik Vercauteren Computing zeta functions of curves over finite fields


09:45 [PhD][New] Jan Denef


09:45 [PhD][New] Renaud Pacalet


09:45 [PhD][New] Sylvain Guilley Geometrical Countermeasures to Side-Channel Attacks


09:44 [PhD][New] Jonathan Katz Efficient Cryptographic Protocols Preventing Man-in-the-Middle Attacks


09:43 [PhD][New] Zvi Galil


09:42 [PhD][New] Moti Yung


20:42 [PhD][New] Vipul Goyal Stronger Notions of Secure Computation