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15:30 [PhD][New] Marko Wolf Security Engineering for Vehicular IT Systems — Improving Trustworthiness and Dependability of Automotive IT Applications


15:30 [PhD][New] Andrea Röck Quantifying Studies of (Pseudo) Random Number Generation for Cryptography


15:29 [PhD][New] Nicolas Sendrier


15:29 [PhD][New] Martin Geisler Cryptographic Protocols: Theory and Implementation


15:28 [PhD][New] Ivan Damgård


07:47 [PhD][New] Jan Pelzl Practical Aspects of Curve-Based Cryptography and Cryptanalysis


05:48 [PhD][New] Crystal Lee Clough Square: A New Family of Multivariate Encryption Schemes


05:40 [PhD][New] Jintai Ding


05:48 [PhD][New] Guomin Yang Security and Privacy in Wireless and Roaming Networks


05:48 [PhD][New] Duncan S. Wong


05:47 [PhD][New] Xiaotie Deng