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09:47 [PhD][New] Mike Rosulek The Structure of Secure Multi-Party Computation


05:43 [PhD][New] Michael Loui


05:43 [PhD][New] Manoj Prabhakaran


05:44 [PhD][New]


05:39 [PhD][New] Thomas Beth


17:35 [PhD][New] Rene Peralta Three Results in Number Theory and Cryptography: 1. A New Algorithm to Compute Square Roots Modulo A Prime Number. 2. On the Bit Complexity of the Discrete Logarithm. 3. A Framew


17:35 [PhD][New] Manuel Blum


12:17 [PhD][New] Christophe Tartary Authentication for Multicast Authentication


17:36 [PhD][New] Raminder Ruprai Improvements to the Gaudry-Schost Algorithm for Multidimensional discrete logarithm problems and Applications


10:45 [PhD][New] Turki F. Al-Somani Design and Analysis of Efficient and Secure Elliptic Curve Cryptoprocessors


10:45 [PhD][New] Alaaeldin A. Amin