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15:18 [Pub][Software] A Generator for LWE and Ring-LWE Instances

  We introduce software for the generation of instances of the LWE and Ring-LWE problems, allowing both the generation of generic instances and also particular instances closely-related to those arising from cryptomania proposals in the literature. Our goal is to allow researchers to attack different instances in order to assess the practical hardness of LWE and Ring-LWE. This will in turn give insight to the practical security of cryptographic systems based on both problems.

15:08 [Event][New] Number Theory, Geometry and Cryptography

  From July 1 to July 5
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
More Information:

15:08 [Event][New] CANS 2013: 12th International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security

  Submission: 11 June 2013
Notification: 12 August 2013
From November 20 to November 22
Location: Paraty, Brazil
More Information:

18:03 [Event][New] WEWoRC 2013: Western European Workshop on Research in Cryptology

  Submission: 7 June 2013
Notification: 28 June 2013
From July 24 to July 26
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
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13:51 [Job][New] two Ph.D. students, University of Luxembourg

  The Laboratory of Algorithmics, Cryptology and Security (LACS) of the University of Luxembourg is looking for two Ph.D. students in the area of symmetric cryptography and information security. Candidates are expected to hold an M.Sc. degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or applied mathematics with GPA > 80%. Candidates with an interest to conduct leading-edge research in one of the following areas are particularly encouraged to apply:

  • Design and analysis of symmetric cryptographic primitives
  • Efficient implementation of cryptosystems in hardware and software
  • Physical attacks (SPA, DPA, fault attacks, etc.) and countermeasures
  • Network and embedded systems security
  • Privacy/Anonymity

13:54 [Event][New] POST'14: 3rd Conference on Principles of Security and Trust

  Submission: 11 October 2013
Notification: 20 December 2013
From April 7 to April 11
Location: Grenoble, France
More Information:

09:26 [Event][New] ARES-IND 2013: Industrial Track at the Eighth International ARES Conference

  Submission: 7 May 2013
Notification: 15 May 2013
From September 2 to September 6
Location: Regensburg, Germany
More Information:

07:56 [Job][New] Associate Research Fellow, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

  School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Fixed Term (36 Month) Appointment

The Centre for Computer and Information Security Research (CCISR) is within the ICT Research Institute at the University of Wollongong. CCISR is a prominent Centre for research and development in information security in Australia, performing cutting edge research and development in cryptography, multimedia and network security.

You will be involved in research in the area of functional encryption, attribute-based encryption and related areas; co-supervision of research students in relevant areas whenever required; and contribution to professional activities organised by Centre for Computer and Information Security. You will have the opportunity to work with Professor Willy Susilo on the ARC Discovery project –“Attribute-based encryption: new cryptographic framework, constructions and applications towards cloud security”.

Visit for a full position description with Selection Criteria. You must address the Selection Criteria as part of your application.

09:55 [Event][New] FPS'2013: Foundation and Practice of Security

  Submission: 7 June 2013
Notification: 5 August 2013
From October 21 to October 22
Location: La Rochelle, France
More Information:

09:12 [Event][New] crypt@b-it 2013

  Submission: 4 June 2013
From July 29 to August 2
Location: Bonn, Germany
More Information:

13:10 [Job][New] Research Assistant/Software Development (multiple positions available), University of New Brunswick, Canada