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00:36 [PhD][New] Tsz Hon Yuen Contributions to Pairing-based Cryptography


23:24 [PhD][New] Man Ho Allen Au Contribution to Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Techniques


10:47 [PhD][New] Wei Wu Cryptographic Protocols with Untrusted Third Party


10:47 [PhD][New] Willy Susilo Contributions to Fail-Stop Signature Schemes


00:33 [PhD][New] Rei Safavi-Naini


23:10 [PhD][New] Waldyr Dias Benits Junior Applications of Fobenius Expansions in Elliptic Curve Cryptography


19:12 [PhD][New] Marcio Juliato Fault Tolerant Cryptographic Primitives for Space Applications


19:12 [PhD][New] Catherine Gebotys


19:12 [PhD][New] Yevgeniy Vahlis Black Box and White Box Cryptography


19:12 [PhD][New] Charles Rackoff


19:12 [PhD][New] Jian Guo Analysis of Cryptographic Hash Functions