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19:12 [PhD][New] Jian Guo Analysis of Cryptographic Hash Functions


12:22 [PhD][New] Huaxiong Wang


21:19 [PhD][New] Brigitte Vallée


21:15 [PhD][New] Chris Peikert Cryptographic Error Correction


19:56 [PhD][New] R. Vimalathithan Cryptanalysis using Computational Intelligence


19:58 [PhD][New] M.L. Valarmathi


19:55 [PhD][New] Gil Segev The Design of Public-Key Cryptosystems Resilient to Chosen-Ciphertext and Key-Leakage Attacks


19:54 [PhD][New] Moni Naor


19:15 [PhD][New] Mayank Varia Studies in Program Obfuscation


19:11 [PhD][New] Ran Canetti


19:11 [PhD][New] Rafail Ostrovsky Software Protection and Simulation on Oblivious RAMs.