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22:17 [Pub][ePrint] Anonymity Guarantees of the UMTS/LTE Authentication and Connection Protocol, by Ming-Feng Lee and Nigel P. Smart and Bogdan Warinschi and Gaven Watson

  The UMTS/LTE protocol for mobile phone networks has been designed to offer a limited form of anonymity for mobile phone uses. In this paper we quantify precisely what this limited form of anonymity actually provides via a formal security model. The model considers an execution where the home and roaming network providers are considered as one entity. We consider two forms of anonymity, one where the mobile stations under attacked are statically selected before the execution, and a second one where the adversary selects these stations adaptively. We prove that the UMTS/LTE protocol meets both of these security definitions. Our analysis requires new assumptions on the underlying keyed functions for UMTS, which whilst probably true have not previously been brought to the fore.

22:17 [Pub][ePrint] More on linear hulls of PRESENT-like ciphers and a cryptanalysis of full-round EPCBC-96, by Stanislav Bulygin

  In this paper we investigate the linear hull effect in the light-weight block cipher EPCBC. We give an efficient method of computing linear hulls with high capacity. We then apply found hulls to derive attacks on the full 32 rounds of EPCBC--96 and 20 rounds of EPCBC-48. Using the developed methods we revise the work of J.Y. Cho from 2010 and obtain an attack based on multidimensional linear approximations on 26 rounds of PRESENT--128. The results show that designers of block ciphers should take seriously the threat coming from the linear hull attacks and not just limit themselves to proving bounds based solely on linear characteristics.

22:17 [Pub][ePrint] A Differential Fault Attack on MICKEY 2.0, by Subhadeep Banik and Subhamoy Maitra

  In this paper we present a differential fault attack on the stream cipher MICKEY 2.0 which is in eStream\'s hardware portfolio. While fault attacks have already been reported against the other two eStream hardware candidates Trivium and Grain, no such analysis is known for MICKEY. Using the standard assumptions for fault attacks, we show that by injecting around $2^{16.7}$ faults and performing $2^{32.5}$ computations on an average, it is possible to recover the entire internal state of MICKEY at the beginning of the key-stream generation


22:17 [Pub][ePrint] On the security of an identity-based authenticated group key agreement protocol for imbalanced mobile networks, by Haiyan Sun

  Recently, Islam and Biswas proposed a pairing-free identity-based authenticated group key agreement protocol for imbalanced mobile networks. However, in this letter, we point out that this protocol cannot resist passive attack, and cannot provide forward secrecy for joining operation and backward secrecy for leaving operation.

09:19 [Event][New] Summer School: Design and Security of Cryptographic Functions, Algorithms and Devices

  From July 30 to July 5
Location: Albena, Bulgaria
More Information:

09:18 [Event][New] Summer School on Design and Security of Cryptographic Functions, Algorithms and

  From July 30 to July 5
Location: Albena, Bulgaria
More Information:

05:54 [Job][New] Associate or Assistant Professor in Cryptology , Technical University of Denmark

  DTU Compute at the Technical University of Denmark calls for applications for a position as associate or assistant professor.

The department is looking for a dynamic faculty member to participate in research and teaching in cryptology.

The position is available from 1 May 2013.

For further information and to apply please follow the guidelines from the job page.

05:53 [Job][New] Ph.D. student, University of Paderborn, Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics

  The following tasks shall be conveyed to the employee:

1. research in public-key cryptography

2. contribution to the lecturing of the faculty.

Conditions of employment:

The applicant is required to have very good knowledge of the following topics:

1. complexity theory

2. cryptography

3. number theory.

The Master in Computer Science or a similar field is the condition of employment. It is expected of any candidate that a doctorate´s degree is or will be pursued.

The University of Paderborn has been awarded with the rating TOTAL E-QUALITY with view to an administrative and human resource policy that is ideally directed toward non-discrimination and equal opportunity as well as the certificate “audit family fair-minded university” (of a non-profit organisation) with view to the successful implementation of improvements to the compatability of studying, job and family-life.

We specifically welcome candidatures of women and will, according to the State Equal Oppourtunities Act (“Landesgleichstellungsgesetz NRW”) prefer these among candidatures of the same aptitude, qualification and certificates of competence if not personal reasons in favour of a competitor decide. A part time employment is possible, in principle. Candidatures of seriously handicapped persons and the same according to the Code of Social Law (“Sozialgesetzbuch Neuntes Buch - SGB IX”) are welcome just the same.

The staff council of the academic personnel and artists of the University of Paderborn (WPR) will be involved in the interviewing if a candidate wishes so.

05:53 [Job][New] Ph.D. Student, University of Bordeaux /CWI /Leiden University

  One PhD Position in Secure Computation and Coding Theory

Within the framework of the EU ALGANT (Algebra and Number Theory) Erasmus Mundus doctorate program, there is an opening for a PhD position in the area of Secure Computation and Coding Theory.

The PhD project is jointly advised by Ronald Cramer (CWI & Math Inst, Leiden U), Serge Fehr (CWI) and Gilles Zémor (U Bordeaux, Math Dept) and it should lead to a joint Bordeaux/Leiden PhD degree. Outstanding candidates are encouraged to apply.

Application deadline: February 10, 2013.

05:52 [Event][New] IH&MMSec: ACM Information Hiding and Multimedia Security Workshop

  Submission: 8 February 2013
Notification: 2 April 2013
From June 17 to June 19
Location: Montpellier, France
More Information:

05:51 [Event][New] PQCrypto 2013: 5th Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography 2013

  Submission: 25 January 2013
Notification: 13 March 2013
From June 4 to June 7
Location: Limoges, France
More Information: