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05:53 [Job][New] Ph.D. Student, University of Bordeaux /CWI /Leiden University

  One PhD Position in Secure Computation and Coding Theory

Within the framework of the EU ALGANT (Algebra and Number Theory) Erasmus Mundus doctorate program, there is an opening for a PhD position in the area of Secure Computation and Coding Theory.

The PhD project is jointly advised by Ronald Cramer (CWI & Math Inst, Leiden U), Serge Fehr (CWI) and Gilles ZĂ©mor (U Bordeaux, Math Dept) and it should lead to a joint Bordeaux/Leiden PhD degree. Outstanding candidates are encouraged to apply.

Application deadline: February 10, 2013.

05:52 [Event][New] IH&MMSec: ACM Information Hiding and Multimedia Security Workshop

  Submission: 8 February 2013
Notification: 2 April 2013
From June 17 to June 19
Location: Montpellier, France
More Information:

05:51 [Event][New] PQCrypto 2013: 5th Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography 2013

  Submission: 25 January 2013
Notification: 13 March 2013
From June 4 to June 7
Location: Limoges, France
More Information:

05:50 [Event][New] Design and Security of Cryptographic Functions, Algorithms and Devices

  From July 30 to July 5
Location: Albena, Bulgaria
More Information:

05:50 [Event][New] CHES: Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems

  Submission: 1 March 2013
Notification: 13 May 2013
From August 20 to August 23
Location: Santa Barbara, USA
More Information:

05:50 [Event][New] MoCrySEn '13: 2nd International Workshop on Modern Cryptography and Security Engineering

  Submission: 30 April 2013
Notification: 31 May 2013
From September 2 to September 6
Location: Regensburg, Germany
More Information:

05:50 [Event][New] ESORICS 2013: 18th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security

  Submission: 31 March 2013
Notification: 10 June 2013
From September 9 to September 11
Location: London, United Kingdom
More Information:

08:34 [Event][New] ISDFS '13: The First International Symposium on Digital Forensics and Security

  Submission: 15 April 2013
Notification: 25 April 2013
From May 20 to May 21
Location: Elaz??, Turkey
More Information:

08:33 [Event][New] Ice Break 2013: Ice Break 2013 - Summer School on Symmetric Cryptology

  From June 6 to June 12
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
More Information:

08:32 [Event][New] SECITC '13: The 6th International Conference on Security for IT&C

  Submission: 29 April 2013
Notification: 28 May 2013
From June 25 to June 26
Location: Bucharest, Romania
More Information:

08:32 [Event][New] SAM'13: The 2013 International Conference on Security and Management

  Submission: 18 March 2013
Notification: 18 April 2013
From July 22 to July 25
Location: Las Vegas, USA
More Information: