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21:17 [PhD][New] David Pointcheval Proofs of Knowledge and Security Proofs (Les Preuves de Connaissance et leurs Preuves de Sécurité)


15:26 [PhD][New] Amit K Awasthi A Study of Some Delegated Digital Signature Schemes


15:26 [PhD][New] Sundar Lal


14:58 [PhD][New] Mehreen Afzal Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphers with Non-linear Update


14:37 [PhD][New] Ashraf Masood


11:13 [PhD][New] Seungjoo Kim Improved privacy and authenticity in digital signatures / key management


11:14 [PhD][New] Sungjun Park


11:13 [PhD][New] Jongin Lim


11:13 [PhD][New] Daejoon Hwang


11:13 [PhD][New] Jinwook Chung


11:13 [PhD][New] Dongho Won