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14:35 [PhD][New] Sondre Roenjom Cryptanalysis of Ciphers over Finite Cyclic Groups


14:34 [PhD][New] Tor Helleseth


20:04 [PhD][New] Ghada Abdelhady New DES based on Elliptic Curve


20:04 [PhD][New] Wafik Lotfallah


20:05 [PhD][New] Fathy Helail


21:45 [PhD][New] Charles Bouillaguet Some attacks against hardness assumptions and cyptographic primitives


12:40 [PhD][New] Ian Goldberg


06:17 [PhD][New] Yi Lu Applied Stream Ciphers in Mobile Communications


19:02 [PhD][New] Luca De Feo Fast Algorithms for Towers of Finite Fields and Isogenies


19:02 [PhD][New] Éric Schost


19:01 [PhD][New] François Morain