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17:59 [PhD][New] Edlyn Teske


17:58 [PhD][New] Douglas Stinson


17:06 [PhD][New] Jean-Philippe Aumasson Design and analysis of symmetric cryptographic algorithms


08:21 [PhD][New] Willi Meier


17:58 [PhD][New] Stephen Weis New Foundations for Efficient Authentication, Commutative Cryptography, and Private Disjointness Testing


14:45 [PhD][New] Tanja Lange


08:21 [PhD][New] David Mandell Freeman Constructing abelian varieties for pairing-based cryptography


08:20 [PhD][New] Edward Schaefer


08:20 [PhD][New] Kenneth Ribet


18:04 [PhD][New] Ben Adida Advances in Cryptographic Voting Systems


06:47 [PhD][New] Gilles Barthe