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16:20 [PhD][New]


20:55 [PhD][New]


00:26 [PhD][New]


17:06 [PhD][New] Joern Schweisgut Elektronische Wahlen unter dem Einsatz kryptografischer Observer - Electronic Elections with Cryptographic Observers


00:31 [PhD][New] Jörg Schwenk


06:29 [PhD][New] Albrecht Beutelspacher Teilfaserungen und Parallelismen in endlichdimensionalen projektiven Räumen


17:49 [PhD][New] Andy Rupp Computational Aspects of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis


16:27 [PhD][New] Benedikt Gierlichs Statistical and Information-Theoretic Methods for Power Analysis on Embedded Cryptography


18:27 [PhD][New] Pierre-Yvan Liardet Ingénierie cryptographique Implantations sécurisées


09:53 [PhD][New] Jean-Sebastien Coron Cryptanalysis and security proofs of public-key schemes.


09:54 [PhD][New] Jacques Stern