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12:39 [Pub][ePrint] A Distinguisher-Based Attack of a Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Relying on Reed-Solomon Codes, by Val\\\'erie Gauthier and Ayoub Otmani and Jean-Pierre Tillich

  Bogdanov and Lee suggested a homomorphic public-key encryption scheme based on error correcting codes.

The underlying public code is a modified Reed-Solomon code obtained

from inserting a zero submatrix in the Vandermonde generating matrix defining it. The columns that define

this submatrix are kept secret and form a set $L$. We give here a distinguisher that detects if one or several columns belong

to $L$ or not. This distinguisher is obtained by considering the code generated by component-wise products of codewords of the public code

(the so called ``square code\'\'). This operation is applied to punctured versions of this square code obtained by picking a subset

$I$ of the whole set of columns. It turns out that the dimension of

the punctured square code is directly related to the cardinality of

the intersection of $I$ with $L$.

This allows an attack which recovers the full set $L$

and which can then decrypt any ciphertext.

12:39 [Pub][ePrint] Analysis of Minimum Numbers of Linearly Active S-Boxes of a Class of Generalized Feistel Block Ciphers, by Xiaopei Guo, Kejian Xu, Tongsen Sun and Xiubin Fan

  For a class of generalized Feistel block ciphers, an explicit

recurrent formula for the minimum numbers of linearly active

$S$-boxes of any round $r$ is presented.

12:39 [Pub][ePrint] Approaches for the performance increasing of software implementation of integer multiplication in prime fields, by Vladislav Kovtun and Andrew Okhrimenko

  Authors have proposed the approach to increase performance of software implementation of finite field multiplication algorithm, for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. The approach is based on delayed carry mechanism of significant bit in sum accumulating. This allows to avoid the requirement of taking into account the significant bit carry at the each iteration of the sum accumulation loop. The delayed carry mechanism reduces the total number of additions and gives the opportunity to apply the modern parallelization technologies.