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12:14 [PhD][New] Claus-Peter Schnorr


19:37 [PhD][New] Johannes Blömer


18:06 [PhD][New] Gildas Avoine Cryptography in Radio Frequency Identification and Fair Exchange Protocols


14:59 [PhD][New] Christian Cachin Entropy Measures and Unconditional Security in Cryptography


06:33 [PhD][New] Ueli Maurer


17:49 [PhD][New] Tim Güneysu Cryptography and Cryptanalysis on Reconfigurable Devices


08:51 [PhD][New] Thomas Gross Browser-based Identity Federation


08:51 [PhD][New] Birgit Pfitzmann


18:28 [PhD][New] Benny Pinkas


11:55 [PhD][New] Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi


12:16 [PhD][New] Maike Ritzenhofen Efficiently Calculating Small Solutions of Systems of Polynomial Equations - Lattice-Based Methods and Applications to Cryptography