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21:06 [PhD][New] Djiby Sow: Semi-modules

  Name: Djiby Sow
Topic: Semi-modules

21:06 [PhD][New] Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar-Sénégal

  Name: Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar-Sénégal

14:11 [Event][New] CrossFyre 2012: Workshop on Cryptography, Robustness, and Provably Secure Schemes for Femal

  Submission: 30 April 2012
Notification: 15 May 2012
From June 14 to June 15
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
More Information:

06:41 [Event][New] CBC 2012: Code-based Cryptography Workshop 2012

  From May 9 to May 11
Location: Lyngby, Denmark
More Information:

06:40 [Event][New] DIAC: Directions in Authenticated Ciphers

  Submission: 7 May 2012
Notification: 4 June 2012
From July 5 to July 6
Location: TBD, most likely Stockholm, most likely Sweden
More Information:

06:40 [Event][New] IWDW'12: 11th International Workshop on Digital Forensics and Watermarking

  Submission: 1 July 2012
Notification: 14 August 2012
From October 31 to November 3
Location: Shanghai, China
More Information:

21:26 [Job][New] Post-Doc, Aalto University, Department of Information and Computer Science, Espoo, Finland

  New extensions of linear and differential cryptanalysis methods for symmetric key ciphers will be investigated with special attention to distribution based distinguishers. The general goal would be to develop new and more accurate design criteria for symmetric key ciphers and their key scheduling algorithms. The specific research goals will be adjusted according to the interests of the Post-Doc.

The start of the position is negotiable. Also late applications can be taken into consideration.

21:49 [Job][New] Postdoc in Game Theoretic Privacy-Preservation applied to Data Mining, Loughborough University, UK

  Funded by the UK EPSRC and Ministry of Defence (MOD) Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL), this project focuses on the problem setting where coalition parties, each owning a large set of data, desire to discover new knowledge when they collaborate to jointly process all the datasets; while ensuring that each individual dataset is not revealed to the other parties. This is expected to involve homomorphic encryption and multi-party computation.

Applicants with a PhD in cryptography, privacy preservation, game theory, data mining or optimization are encouraged to apply.

21:48 [PhD][Update] Phan Duong Hieu: Sécurité et efficacité de schémas cryptographiques

  Name: Phan Duong Hieu
Topic: Sécurité et efficacité de schémas cryptographiques
Category:public-key cryptography

Description: Provable security is nowadays one of the major lines of research in Cryptography. It aims at providing security proofs of cryptographic schemes in a complexity–theoretical sense: if one can break the scheme, one can solve the underlying problem. Provable security is strongly related to three main trends in the development of Cryptology: formalization of security notions, design of cryptographic systems, and development of new cryptographic features.
In this thesis, we first deal with notions of security in both asymmetric and symmetric encryption. We study more in detail the relation between different attack models in asymmetric encryption. We also establish the relation between the notion of (super) pseudo–random permutation and that of semantic security in symmetric encryption.
Secondly, we propose new efficient constructions for asymmetric encryption in the random oracle model (new paddings for encryption, and universal paddings for both encryption and signature). Furthermore, we introduce a new class of public–key encryption schemes: chosen ciphertext secure schemes without redundancy. Up to now, redundancy used to be required for proofs of security in public–key encryption schemes.
Finally, we consider the traitor tracing problem in broadcast encryption and we introduce a new feature: public traceability. We construct a basic scheme with such feature, and then generalize it to achieve almost optimal transmission rates.[...]

21:25 [Event][Update] CMS'2012: Communications and Multimedia Security

  Submission: 1 April 2012
Notification: 6 May 2012
From September 3 to September 5
Location: Canterbury, UK
More Information:

07:46 [Event][New] ISC '12: Information Security Conference

  Submission: 26 April 2012
Notification: 15 June 2012
From September 19 to September 21
Location: Passau, Germany
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