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19:01 [PhD][New] Marcos Antonio Simplicio Junior Message Authentication Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks


07:09 [PhD][New] Ulrich Huber On Broadcast Encryption for Secure Software Delivery to Automobiles


22:12 [PhD][New] Jiqiang Lu Cryptanalysis of block ciphers


22:10 [PhD][New] Chris Mitchell


12:49 [PhD][New] S├ębastien Canard Group signatures, variants and applications


12:49 [PhD][New] Marc Girault


11:52 [PhD][New] Victor Lomne Power and Electro-Magnetic Side-Channel Attacks: threats and countermeasures


11:52 [PhD][New] Philippe Maurine


11:51 [PhD][New] Michel Robert


10:13 [PhD][New] Joachim von zur Gathen


22:13 [PhD][New] Markku-Juhani Olavi Saarinen Cryptanalysis of Dedicated Hash Functions