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New Mobile Phone Security Algorithms - Public Evaluation Invited

A new set of cryptographic algorithms is being proposed for inclusion in the "4G" mobile standard called LTE (Long Term Evolution).

The algorithms are:

  • a stream cipher called ZUC, which is the core of both new LTE algorithms;
  • the LTE encryption algorithm called 128-EEA3, defined straightforwardly using ZUC;
  • the LTE integrity algorithm called 128-EIA3, designed as a Universal Hash Function using ZUC as its core.

The algorithms are here: All of the algorithms were designed by DACAS, the Data Assurance and Communication Security Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They have been evaluated by the algorithm standardisation group ETSI SAGE, and also by two other teams of well known cryptologists, and are believed to be strong and suitable for LTE.

Now the algorithms are open for public evaluation. Comments and analysis are invited, before a final decision is taken in (probably) January 2011 as to whether to include the new algorithms in the LTE standard. A discussion forum has been created for this - please post any evaluation results there.

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