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Blanqet is a new company that is focused on shaping the future of cryptography in a quantum world. Current members include faculty from Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Law at the University of Chicago and Penn State University. For more information see our website,

We are looking to hire several researchers to join our Chicago based team for periods of one to three years with the potential for longer employment. Our focus is on imaginative individuals who are devoted to both research and its practical realization. Relevant areas of interest include, but are not limited to, cryptography, quantum and post-quantum cryptography, computer security, computational algebra and number theory.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work alongside other researchers at Blanqet and at the nearby University of Chicago. Joint academic affiliations with the University of Chicago are possible when appropriate.

Applicants are expected to have (or expect to soon have) a Ph.D. in computer science, mathematics, physics or a related area. To apply, submit a curriculum vitae (including a list of publications), and a brief description of your research interests (description of research interests not to exceed two pages, more or less, and arrange for three letters of reference. Applications and letters should be sent via email to We will make offers on a rolling basis with flexibility as to the start date.

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