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PhD Students in Lattice-Based Cryptography
King's College London; UK

The threat of large-scale, general-purpose quantum computers to existing public-key cryptographic solutions has lead to global efforts to standardise post-quantum cryptography as a replacement. One of the front-runners for problems to base post-quantum cryptography on are hard problems on lattices. On the other hand, lattices have emerged as a central building block for more advanced cryptographic functionalities such as fully-homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proof systems.

We are inviting applications for PhD studentships in the cryptography lab at King’s College London. Specifically, we are looking for applicants to work with us in the area of lattice-based cryptography, broadly defined.

The PhD could cover studying the underlying hard mathematical problems, cryptanalysis, constructions or applications of lattice-techniques. This can cover post-quantum aspects of lattice-based cryptography and/or advanced functionalities.

We seek applicants with a background in mathematics and/or computer science or related disciplines.

The applicant would work with

  • Ngoc Khanh Nguyen or

  • Eamonn W. Postlethwaite (*) or

  • Martin Albrecht

and we encourage applicants to reach out to one or more of the above to discuss the position informally before applying. To apply, please go to

A first deadline for applications is mid January. These are fully-funded positions covering both (international) fees and maintenance. The latter is at the UKRI rate, see

(*live in January, beforehand please reach out to Martin Albrecht to be put in touch.)

  • Ngoc Khanh Nguyen or
  • Eamonn W. Postlethwaite (*) or
  • Martin Albrecht

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