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Ph.D. Student in Design of Secure Integrated Circuits
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA
Our research group is seeking a highly motivated PhD student with a strong interest in the design of secure and cryptographic hardware Integrated Circuits (ICs). We specialize in developing cutting-edge System-on-Chip (SoC) designs that incorporate innovative countermeasures against advanced hardware-level attacks. In addition to our hardware designs, we pioneer new methodologies to aid designers in verifying and optimizing the hardware-security features of advanced ICs. The incoming PhD student will play a pivotal role in a SoC prototype project focused on cryptographic chip design and will conduct comprehensive evaluations using hardware-level reverse engineering tools.


  • A solid understanding of the hardware design flow, from system-level down to gate-level, is essential for this position.
  • Previous experience in IC tape-out, cryptographic engineering, and implementation attacks is considered a strong advantage.

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