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PhD Thesis on Post-Quantum Cryptography
Subject: Study of new counter-mesures for improved security of post-quantum cryptosystems facing side channel analysis. The objective of this PhD thesis is manifold, a first direction is to follow the new initiative of PQC algorithms and participate in the study of the new proposals from the hardware attack standpoint. Indeed, even if the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has initiated a standardization phase for a selected Key Exchange Mechanism (KEM) and three PQC Signature algorithms, the call for new algorithms is continuing to have alternatives on signature side. Indeed, the NIST officially launched a new Call for Proposals. For all these algorithms, implementation well protected against hardware attacks is a must have, especially for application with a high tradition in security, like banking, passport, . . . or where the fast growing deployment is demanding in terms of security, like automotive and IoT in general. To address this strong demand, the PhD student will address the practical validation counter-measures against side-channel attacks for the coming standard, and will also propose implementation alternatives.
Contact: Pierre-Yvan Liardet
Last updated: 2023-09-16 posted on 2023-09-15