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ZK Cryptography Researcher/Auditor
Founded in 2015, OpenZeppelin is the premier crypto cybersecurity technology and services company, trusted by the most used DeFi and NFT projects in the world. Our mission is to protect the open economy, safeguarding tens of billions of dollars in funds for leading crypto organizations including Aave, Coinbase, Compound, Ethereum Foundation, TheGraph and many others. The security services team at OpenZeppelin is responsible for the planning, execution, and delivery of Security Audits for the world’s leading web3 organizations and protocols. We are looking to bolster this team by adding specialized cryptographer roles to lead technical audits of ZK projects and perform independent research. The ZK cryptography researcher is responsible for auditing cryptographic implementations of ZK protocols, alongside our experienced team of security researchers that are analyzing the on-chain components of these protocols. This role will also be in charge of leading cryptography research on the team. Check out the link for a full job description.
Contact: David Bessin
Last updated: 2023-05-26 posted on 2023-05-25