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Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Multiple Post-Docs in Post-Quantum Cryptography Academia Sinica, at the very edge of Taipei, is the national research institute of Taiwan. Here we have an active group of cryptography researchers, including Dr. Bo-Yin Yang, Dr. Kai-Min Chung, Dr. Tung Chou, and Dr. Ruben Niederhagen, covering wide research topics in cryptography and actively collaborating with researchers from related research areas such as program verification. We are looking for Post-Docs in PQC (Post-Quantum Cryptography). Here PQC is broadly defined. Starting date is early 2023, for terms of 1 year, renewable. Potential PQC research topics include cryptanalysis, implementation, and theory. Bo-Yin is in particular interested in people who have hands on experience with the design, implementation and/or analysis of cryptosystems submitted to NIST\'s post-quantum standardization project, and Kai-Min is looking for people interested in theoretical aspects of Post-Quantum Cryptography, such as security in the QROM model and novel (post-)quantum primitives and protocols. We are also particularly interested in people with diverse background to facilitate collaboration among our group members. Requires background in mathematics, computer science and cryptography. We desire a research track record in some aspects of post-quantum cryptography, but are especially looking for researchers with a broad research spectrum going from mathematical aspects to the practical side such as implementation aspects. We offer about 2200 USD (~2200 EUR) per month (commensurate with what a starting assistant professor makes locally) in salary and include a 5000 USD per year personal academic travel budget.
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