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Private and Secure Computation on Personal Data The recruited postdoctoral researcher is expected to work on the design of a distributed data vault that can (i) store personal data while keeping it safe from third parties, (ii) support computation on encrypted or otherwise protected personal data to obtain aggregate statistics while respecting the privacy of the individual data items, (iii) provide means to remunerate users that enable computation on their personal data. In particular, we aim to address this challenge by relying on a byzantine-fault tolerant [1,2] decentralized storage platform that can store data reliably in encrypted form. We plan to combine techniques like multiparty computation [3] and homomorphic encryption [4] with technologies like trusted execution environments [5] to enable computation on such encrypted data. This will allow us to address a variety of use cases, such as decentralized [6] and federated machine learning algorithms [7]. The system should also keep track of the usage of personal data to support remuneration schemes. To this end, we plan to leverage our recent theoretical work on lightweight distributed ledgers [8, 9]. The postdoctoral researcher will contribute by performing original research on these topics, and will also participate in the supervision of Masters and PhD students. In doing so, he or she will collaborate with Davide Frey and other members of the WIDE team, as well as with international partners within the SOTERIA project and other related projects. Although teaching is not a requirement, the candidate can also choose to teach relevant courses at the University of Rennes 1 and affiliated institutions.
Contact: Davide Frey
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