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Applied Cryptography Research Engineer
Silence Laboratories, Singapore
Silence Laboratories is a cybersecurity company that focuses on the fusion of cryptography, sensing, and design to support a seamless authentication experience and infrastructure. We have built unique web3-native decentralized MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) frameworks and MPC-based threshold signature integrations for solving fundamental authentication and signature-related pains faced by businesses. Our libraries are heavily based on proofs-based ecosystem.

We are looking for self-motivated and talented individuals to design best and ready to be deployed cryptographic protocols for decentralized authentication. You will work with a team of engineers, product managers, marketing managers, and salespeople from different backgrounds who are challenging the future of authentication in web3. You will play a crucial role in the code algorithm design team.

Join us to reinvent the future of cybersecurity through innovative mindset.

  • Design and implement cryptographic protocols
  • Optimize threshold signature schemes acorss platforms
  • PhD or Masters in Applied Cryptography
  • Familiarity with elliptic curve cryptography, signature schemes, zero-knowledge proofs, encryption, etc.
  • Ability to understand and build new cryptographic primitives
  • Proficient in a modern high level language Python, Ruby, or Go.
  • Self-motivated & self-organized
Advantageous Skills:
  • Experience with distributed systems and large scale engineering challenges.
  • Experience in securing digital assets and cryptocurrencies
Contact: Jay Prakash
Last updated: 2022-08-05 posted on 2022-08-03