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Post-quantum Cryptography Expert (Post-doc)
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

As a Post-Quantum Cryptography expert, you will

  • Work on all aspects of post-quantum primitives such as Public Key Encryption, Key Encapsulation Mechanism, Key Exchange, and Digital Signatures schemes
  • Analyze existing designs
  • Propose new designs
  • Work on optimized and secure implementations in software and/or hardware platforms
  • Investigate security properties and performance-security trade-offs
  • Study the impact on lightweight environment
  • Conduct research on new and/or state-of-the-art attacks
  • Participate to the review and evaluation of post-quantum schemes that are under NIST scrutiny for standardization
  • Design and implementation of hybrid (post-quantum – classical) solutions
  • Contribute to the development of cryptographic libraries and security frameworks

Skills required for the job

  • Knowledge on cryptography and cybersecurity, in particular at least one among
    • Solid mathematical background on either lattices, codes, or multivariate systems
    • Solid programming skills either in software or hardware
    • Solid background in network security, especially protocol design and evaluation
  • Excellent with C, C++, Python, (JAVA and Rust will be valuable as well)
  • Hard and organized worker, quick learner, geared towards implementation. Eager to develop new skills and willing to take ownership of projects


  • Ph.D. degree in Cryptography, Applied Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Mathematics or Computer Science or Engineering
Contact: Najwa Aaraj,
Last updated: 2022-08-03 posted on 2022-08-01