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Post Quantum Cryptography Expert
Technology Innovation Institute (TII) - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is a publicly funded research institute, based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is home to a diverse community of leading scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and researchers from across the globe, transforming problems and roadblocks into pioneering research and technology prototypes that help move society ahead.

Cryptography Research Center

In our connected digital world, secure and reliable cryptography is the foundation of digital information security and data integrity. We address the world’s most pressing cryptographic questions. Our work covers post-quantum cryptography, lightweight cryptography, cloud encryption schemes, secure protocols, quantum cryptographic technologies and cryptanalysis.

Position: Post Quantum Cryptography Expert

  • Study and design post quantum primitives such as PKE, KEM, KEX, and Digital Signatures
  • Conduct research, with particular focus on how to improve or attack existing proposals
  • Design new and/or more efficient post quantum Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Collaboration and possible participation in NIST proposals
  • Design and implementation of hybrid (post quantum – classical) solutions
  • We welcome candidates specializing in lattices and codes. Exceptional candidates with expertise in other areas of PQC are also encouraged
  • Collaborate with skillful software, hardware, and telecommunication engineers
  • Attend personalized in-house trainings with top cryptographers and international conferences and workshops

    Skills required for the job

  • A strong publication record in post quantum cryptography
  • Extensive knowledge on post quantum cryptography
  • Extensive experience in secure software development
  • Extensive experience developing in C, C++, or RUST
  • Willingness to continue learning and push the limits of knowledge


  • PhD degree in Cryptography, Applied Cryptography, Information Theory and Mathematics, Computer Science or any relevant Engineering degree

  • Contact:
    Mehdi Messaoudi - Talent Acquisition Manager

    Last updated: 2022-06-07 posted on 2022-06-07