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The CRYSPY Lab (CRyptography, Security and PrivacY) at Lund University is looking for a Post Doctoral researcher to work on the design of post-quantum secure cryptographic solutions. We welcome applications from Ph.D. holders, the ideal candidate is expected to be motivated, able to carry research tasks in an independent way, open to collaborate in on-going projects in a team-work fashion, and willing to perform some teaching duties. There is also time for independent research, no restrictions on collaboration with other researchers. The application will be open until we find a suitable candidate.
Main requirements: a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, or a related field. Competitive research record in cryptography or information security. Strong mathematical or algorithmic background. Fluent written and verbal communication skills in English.
About the CRYSPY lab: we are about 20 researchers (counting PhD students and seniors) passionate about solving real world security issues as well as posing and addressing security challenges of a theoretical taste. We have a long history of design and cryptanalisys of symmetric ciphers and lattice-based constructions, as well as network-security. More recently, we are moving towards post-quantum cryptosystems, homomorphic authenticators, privacy-aware data storage and sharing solutions.
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