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Dept. of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
The Cryptography & Security Group at Aarhus University invites applications from Ph.D. holders in areas of Cryptography & Distributed Ledger technology.

The Cryptography & Security group is focused on the design of cryptographic protocols, distributed ledger technology as well as the development of fundamental cryptographic techniques. Note that this call is open ended, please send your application as soon as possible.

We currently have two open Postdoc positions. The successful candidate will work either with Prof. Ivan Damgård on the SecureDNA project or Prof. Jesper Buus Nielsen as part of the Cobra Research center. He or she will contribute to either of these research projects, as described in more detail here:

SecureDNA: improve efficiency and security of the SecureDNA system by conducting fundamental research in areas such as adaptive protocol security as well as the design of post-quantum cryptographic primitives, e.g., design of threshold PRF and OPRF. Work with the SecureDNA developers towards implementation of these improvements.

Cobra: Design and analysis of blockchain consensus protocols. Design and analysis of cryptographic tools for blockchains, e.g., zero-knowledge, MPC for blockchain, anonymous payments. Design and analysis of layer 2 protocols for blockchains.

The candidate is expected to spend part of the research time collaborating with Concordium Research on blockchain related research topics and can expect to coordinate part of the daily collaboration between COBRA and Concordium Research. There is also time for independent research and no restrictions on collaboration with other researchers.

Requirements: a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, or a related field. Competitive research record in cryptography or information security. Strong mathematical and algorithmic CS background. Fluent written and verbal communication skills in English

We offer a one-year employment contract, which is extendable based on performance, and highly competitive salaries.

Send your application with all material collected in a single pdf file to the contact person below.

Contact: Malene Andersen,
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