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Blockchain Researcher
Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd., Remote position
Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd. is the creator of Zilliqa – a scalable blockchain platform to run distributed applications. The company maintains the platform as well as develops tools and services around it.

The research team at Zilliqa consists of senior researchers and research engineers working on distributed systems, programming languages, system security and formal verification. Since starting in late 2017, the team has produced several scientific and engineering work ranging from distributed systems, e.g., the sharding design for scaling blockchains that is now being adopted by several other platforms; to programming languages, e.g., a new principled smart contract language amenable to formal verification called Scilla among others.

We firmly believe in conducting research with practical significance in the blockchain space and particularly research that can go into production systems like Zilliqa, Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Role Overview: As a blockchain researcher, you will be responsible for conducting impactful research that can improve the state of the art blockchain infrastructures and in particular the Zilliqa blockchain. In this role, you will be working very closely with the research team as well as system engineers. We offer a competitive salary, a creative work environment and an opportunity to push a research contribution into a production system.

Scope of Role: We are looking for a researcher with experience in blockchains, distributed systems and applied cryptography. The role will require the researcher to identify key research problems in the blockchain space and the Zilliqa platform in particular and conduct impactful research.

  • Research experience either as a PhD or as research assistant.
  • Must have published at least 2 papers in top-tier conferences.
  • Must have a good engineering background.
  • Must have conducted research in distributed systems, applied cryptography, system security, and blockchains in general.

  • Applying for this Role: Contact us by sending your updated CV.
    Last updated: 2021-07-19 posted on 2021-07-16