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TU Delft, Netherlands
Cybersecurity group at TU Delft opens a few positions for post-doc researchers and PhD on the topic of cryptographic protocols and implementation. The positions will be supported by H2020 projects. We are looking for candidates with: for PhD (i) strong math or computer science background, (ii) adequate programming ability, (iii) good communication skills, and sufficient English qualification, e.g., IELTS; as for post-doc: (i) strong cryptographic background, (ii) high-quality publications in cryptography, information security and privacy enhancing technology fields - conferences (e.g., NDSS, CCS, S&P, etc.) or/and journals; (iii) excellent communication skills; (iv) previous project experiences will be an extra bonus.

As one of the best engineering universities, TU Delft provides excellent future career training and opportunities, research environment and facilities to international and national academic researchers. Competitive salary, tax benefit and welfare package will be provided. Note the start date of the post-doc and PhD could be flexible but no later than the end of this year (2021).

Applicants should prepare and send their CVs, certificates, and transcripts to the following contact email.

Contact: Dr. R. Wang (
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