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Post-Doc in side-channel leakage modeling
IRISA, Rennes, France
Context: This position is funded by the French ANR project IDROMEL, which aims at investigating and preventing power side-channel leakages induced by micro-architectural design choices. (Partners: Arm France, CEA, IRISA, LAAS, Sorbonne University),
Group: EMSEC (
Duration: 20 month
Starting: Beginning of 2021.

Main Objectives:

  • Understanding and modeling power leakages due to micro-architectural features.
  • Test vector definition to trigger side-channel leakage caused by some micro-architectural features.
  • Side-channel measurements on different Arm platforms using our lab equipment.
  • Side-channel exploitation analysis.
  • Exchange and collaborate with other partners in the project.
  • Publications in top-rated conferences/journal.

    We are looking for team players who are motivated and able to drive top-quality research. The area of research lies between several fields and we expect at least competences in one of them:

  • embedded devices / micro-architecture, and/or
  • side-channel analysis, and/or
  • statistics, machine learning, deep learning.
  • Contact: Annelie Heuser,
    Last updated: 2021-01-05 posted on 2021-01-05