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Ph.D. position: Data privacy-preserving mechanisms for autonomous and connected vehicles
Telecom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris & Thalès Group
Context and funding: Chair C3S (Connected Cars and Cyber Security),
Ph.D. positions in cryptography and security, with focus on distributed protocols, cryptology and Secure Multi-party Computation. Secure “multi-party computation” (MPC) is a type of cryptographic protocol that allows a set of parties to compute a function of each of their individual inputs, without having to reveal their inputs. It would be interesting to explore the use of this approach in the context of the autonomous connected vehicles to define protocols that preserve privacy and integrity, and ensure secure communications in a highly distributed context.
Position is available in the INFRES (Computer Science and Network) Department at Telecom Paris of the Institute of Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris), France.
The expected Ph.D research takes part of research activities carried out in the Axis 2 of the Chair C3S and especially related to topic 2 – Protection of data and data flow in real time, cryptography and agility focusing on light and robust cryptography, real-time cryptography and crypto-agility. Candidates should have a strong background in computer science and cryptography. Demonstrated expertise in cryptography, distributed computing, or multi-party computation is a plus. Applicants must hold a master degree in the relevant research fields. Positions are available and come with a competitive salary. The selection process runs until suitable candidates are found. If you are interested, please apply by sending email with one single PDF file and subject line set to Application for Ph.D., addressed directly to Prof. Duong Hieu Phan and Prof. Houda Labiod from Infres Department, Institute Polytecnique de Paris and Dr. Aurélien Dupin from Thalès Group. Since we receive many applications, we encourage you to include necessary materials that demonstrate your motivation and strengths.
Contact: Hieu Phan ( and Houda Labiod (
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