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PhD Students and Post-Docs (Available Immediately)
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA
We are seeking multiple Ph.D. students and Post-Doc scholars on architectural and hardware security for a joint funded project of Prof. Amro Awad and Prof. Aydin Aysu at NC State University. The positions are in the broad area of computer architecture and hardware security. The candidates will be part of a project that is collaborative between two research groups (led by Prof. Awad and Prof. Aysu) at NC State and are expected to work on the intersection between hardware security and emerging computing architectures.

The project will explore the security aspects of hardware accelerators. The goal of this project is to identify efficient solutions for defending against a wide set of attacks (e.g., side-channel attacks) targeting hardware accelerators. We will also investigate different challenges and security concerns related to the programming models and run-time environments of particular interest to our funding agency. More information will be shared with the applicants.

PhD Applicants: Following are the minimum requirements for PhD applicants:

  • GPA >= 3.8 -- among top 10% of your graduating class.
  • Strong background in computer architecture (experience in GPUs/FPGAs is preferred)
  • Familiarity with Linux environment, and background in OS (experience in device drivers is preferred)
  • Self-motivated and independent
  • US citizenship is preferred due to the nature of the project, but exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

    Post-Doc Applicants:

    We are also hiring post-doctoral scholars to lead some of the efforts in this project. Post-Doc candidates should have PhD with focus on computer architecture or systems with familiarity with hardware accelerators (e.g., FPGA and GPUs). The positions are available immediately and thus candidates who are already in the US are preferred.

    Links to research groups:

    Prof. Awad:

    Prof. Aysu:

  • Contact: Amro Awad ( and Aydin Aysu (
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