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Inria, Paris region, France
High-assurance cryptography for IoT applications.

The RIOT-FP project is looking for a postdoctoral research to work with Inria's GRACE team (on the campus of École poytechnique in the southern suburbs of Paris) and the PROSECCO team (in central Paris). The project aims to develop high-speed, high-security, low-memory cryptographic primitives (especially post-quantum public-key algorithms), backed by proven implementations with safety guarantees for software execution on low-end IoT devices. The real-world objective is to provide some future-proofing for RIOT OS (https:/, a free and open-source operating system for low-end IoT devices.

Candidates are expected to have a strong background in cryptographic algorithms, IoT software security, or formally verified software. They must have, or expect to hold, a PhD in a field related to the project; they must also have strong programming experience and mathematical skills. They should have an international research profile, and be fluent in written and spoken English.

Contact: Benjamin Smith, at inria dot fr
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