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Cryptographic Researcher/engineer
Beijing Genomics Institute, Shenzhen, China

1. Collaborate with other biological data scientists and responsible for health data (eg. genetic data) security and privacy protection research and development. Propose new solutions based on cutting-edge security technology to meet the needs of healthcare field.

2. Follow up research on the application of cutting-edge cryptography technology, cryptographic algorithm implementation and performance optimization, such as lattice cryptography, homomorphic encryption, and zero-knowledge proof in the field of blockchain or data storage.


1. Master degree or above (PhD prefered) in cryptography, computer science, mathematics or related fields

2. Excellent in security fundamentals, such as digest algorithm, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption and signature algorithm principles and their implementation

3. Familiar with cutting-edge cryptography technologies, including secure multi-party computing, homomorphic encryption, etc .

4. Interested in healthcare big data management and privacy protection

Contact: Dr. Yuantong Ding, dingyuantong(at)
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