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CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France
Side-channel attacks consist in measuring the physical activity emitted by a circuit (processor, microcontroller or cryptographic accelerator) to extract secrets. The consumption of the circuit or the electromagnetic emanation are the most commonly exploited signals. Due to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more systems are exposed to these attacks. Unfortunately, integrating countermeasures (software or hardware) against such attacks is extremely expensive. Therefore, it is essential to have an accurate idea of side-channel leakages as early as possible in the design phases. On the one hand to target countermeasures on critical areas and on the other hand to have a realistic view of leakages in order to automate the application of countermeasures. The thesis topic is the exploration of electromagnetic leakage models and different ways of interpreting them. The general objective of this work is to model the leakages of a processor based on its state at different abstraction level: Register Transfer Level (RTL), microarchitecture or even instruction set simulator (ISS). The LSOSP laboratory of CEA-LETI where the thesis will take place has a strong experience on physical measurements and has already performed preliminary research on the subject. Therefore, the candidate will start from these results and will perform physical measurements and manipulate different logic models to create a precise leakage model of the targeted processor.
Contact: Vincent Dimper
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