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This study is focused on the security of embedded systems and in particular asymmetric cryptography against horizontal attacks and Template attacks. Recent studies, applied to symmetric cryptography, have made it possible to build new techniques for side channel attacks. By improving the effectiveness of Template attacks, these new attacks make it easier to bypass masking countermeasures. It seems appropriate to study these new tools in depth in the context of Template and horizontal attacks against asymmetric cryptography, especially for elliptic curves. The use of machine learning in the context of side channel attacks. The main purpose of the thesis is to evaluate the security properties of ECCs against the most advanced Template and Horizontal attacks that use machine learning. Depending on the results obtained, new countermeasures will have to be constructed in order to address any new weaknesses.
Contact: Antoine Loiseau
Last updated: 2020-04-27 posted on 2020-04-16