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PhD studentship on Applications of post-quantum cryptography
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Due to the potential threat of quantum computers, the research community is re-evaluating the security of a number of protocols and systems in widespread use. At the very least it is necessary to replace some common cryptographic building blocks with post-quantum alternatives. However, in some settings, the resulting systems may not be practical. It is therefore appropriate to reconsider, from the ground up, these protocols and systems. This PhD project will initiate a study of such protocols and systems. The project will leverage the NIST post-quantum standardization process to form a clear picture of the current state of post-quantum crypto. The project will develop new lightweight solutions for certain applications such as the internet of things (IoT).

The project will be supervised by Professor Steven Galbraith, together with other members of the Cyber Security Foundry at the University of Auckland.

Required skills and experience: Bachelor with honours, or Masters degree, in either Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics. Good mathematical knowledge and understanding of rigorous mathematical thinking. Good knowledge of cryptography and information security. Programming skills. Good communication skills, both written and spoken.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Value: International Student Fees + stipend of NZ$ 27,900 per year.
  • Application deadline: 20/5/2020
Application process:
  • Email your CV to Keshala De Silva, with the subject line "Application for PhD Studentship on Applications of post-quantum cryptography".
  • If you have written a master thesis or similar, then please email a pdf of it.
For more information about the PhD application process at Auckland visit:
Contact: Steven Galbraith
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