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Post-Doc or research engineer
CNRS, IRISA, Rennes, France
We are looking for a motivated Post-Doc or research engineer to work on malware classification on IoT devices through side-channel information.

Research topic While malware detection and mitigation research are now trending, a lot of challenges and unsolved problems still remain. Recently, sophisticated malware designers invented techniques to circumvent software detection techniques. A new direction consists in using unintentionally emitted hardware side-channel information. The big advantage of this information is the non-detection by malware designers. Still, those approaches have to be established in real-world scenarios and efficient analysis techniques developed and implemented. We are currently building up a realistic IoT malware side-channel analysis platform which gives us first interesting new insights.

Joining our team you will

  • infect IoT devices with malware samples,
  • be responsible for the maintenance of the side-channel workbench,
  • derive and develop efficient implementations of analysis algorithms,
  • drive top-quality research and publish in A*/A-class security and malware conferences.

Prerequisites We are looking for team players who are motivated and able to drive top-quality research. The area of research lies between several fields and we expect at least competences in one of them:

  • embedded devices/side-channel analysis, and/or
  • statistics, machine learning, deep learning, and/or
  • malware analysis.

Additionally, an ideal candidate should have:

  • Research engineer: MS degree in a related field, with 1-3 years of work experience,
  • PostDoc: Ph.D. in a related field
  • good programming skills,
  • good level in written and spoken English,
  • motivation to save the world.
Duration/Starting date The position is initially limited to one year but can be extended (up to two years) in case of good performance. The starting date is as soon as possible (given our security clearances).
Contact: Annelie Heuser ( with a CV, cover letter, and references.
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