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Ph.D student in Quantum Cryptography
Technical University Berlin
Applications are open for a PhD position at the Technical University Berlin, starting from January 2020 or shortly after. The position will be available as part of a new 'Quantum Cryptography & Communication' group, funded by the DFG Emmy Noether program for Junior Independent Group Leaders, led by Dr. Anna Pappa.

Working Field:
- Research in quantum computing and cryptography
- Design of novel cryptographic and delegated quantum computation protocols
- Implementation of protocols on simulation platforms or remote quantum processors
- Collaboration with experimental groups

- Successfully completed university studies (master, diploma or equivalent) in the field of computer science or physics
- Good knowledge of cryptography, algorithms and complexity
- Desired knowledge of quantum mechanics, quantum cryptography, graph theory, information theory, error correction
- Experience in Python
- Knowledge of LaTeX
- Willingness to travel abroad for workshops and conferences
- Fluent English, spoken and written, knowledge of the German language is desired
- Teamwork

The PhD candidate will be part of the Institute for Software and Theoretical Computer Science, and closely affiliated to the Chair of Security in Telecommunications, where relevant research is conducted on hardware security, quantum computation and quantum machine learning. Berlin is a very vibrant city, culturally and scientifically, and the PhD candidate will profit from the group's involvement in several projects and collaborations, both national and international.
Contact: Anna Pappa (
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