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Calibra Research (Blockchain)

Calibra is building a hub of financial services, products and solutions that connect everyone, everywhere, creating greater opportunity for all. Its technical foundation is the open-sourced Libra blockchain network. Libra’s mission is to create a simple, borderless global currency and financial ecosystem that empowers billions of people. Calibra Research is the research arm of Calibra, and is of great importance due to the cutting-edge nature of the technical challenges and Calibra’s openness to scrutiny.

The cryptography team at Calibra Research is seeking research scientists/engineers and PhD interns (summer 2020) with expertise in all aspects of cryptography including but not limited to public-key cryptography, secure multiparty computation, zero-knowledge proofs, authenticated data structures, and privacy-enhancing technologies. The ideal candidates will have a keen interest in producing new science to advance this interdisciplinary fields, as well as supporting the productization of their results.
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