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Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
The Cryptography Research group at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur invites strong PostDoc applications from highly motivated candidates working in the field of Cryptography. The candidate should hold a Ph.D. in Cryptography and/or related areas from a reputed institute. The candidate will work in the \"Secured Embedded Architecture Laboratory\" (SEAL), with focus in the area of secured system design. The research will be aimed at developing efficient cryptographic protocols with applications in emerging fields such as Cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Knowledge in any or combination of the following topics is desirable: hardware security/micro-architectural security/public key cryptography/cryptographic pairings/functional encryption/multi-party computation/post-quantum cryptography topics is desirable. The candidate should have excellent publication track record in IACR conferences/workshops, as well as top journals (such as IEEE/ACM Transactions or IACR journals). The candidate will be expected to collaborate with and lead a team of excellent and highly motivated Ph.D. candidates. The candidate is expected to work in conjunction with them and also disseminate the necessary knowledge among the group via suitable course material, tutorials and regular group talks. Good communication skills in English are hence desirable. The position is available to both Indian and foreign candidates. More Information about the SEAL research group activities are available at:
Contact: Prof Debdeep Mukhopadhyay,


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
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