International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research

2017 IACR Fellows

headshot of Jan Camenisch, 2017 IACR fellow
Jan Camenisch

For contributions to the theory and practice of privacy-preserving protocols and impact on government policy and industry

headshot of Louis Guillou, 2017 IACR fellow
Louis Guillou

For visionary actions that brought cryptography and smart cards to the real world, and for essential contributions to cryptographic standards

headshot of Kwangjo Kim, 2017 IACR fellow
Kwangjo Kim

For cryptographic design, education, and leadership, and for exemplary service to IACR and the Asia-Pacific cryptographic community

headshot of Christof Paar, 2017 IACR fellow
Christof Paar

For co-founding CHES, service to the IACR, and for important contributions to secure and efficient implementation of cryptography

headshot of Kenneth G. Paterson, 2017 IACR fellow
Kenneth G. Paterson

For research and service contributions spanning theory and practice, and improving the security of widely deployed protocols