International Association for Cryptologic Research

1998 IACR Elections


President Kevin McCurley
Vice President Andrew J Clark
Secretary David Balenson
Josh Benaloh
Treasurer Greg Rose
Jimmy Upton
Director Eli Biham
Whitfield Diffie
Alain Hiltgen
Xuejia Lai
Peter Landrock
Pil Joong Lee
David Naccache
Birgit Pfitzmann
Greg Rose
Yiannis Tsiounis

Candidate's statements

Kevin McCurley (President):
IACR's purpose is to promote research in cryptology. We should concentrate on: 1. preserving scientific integrity, 2. enhancing international participation, 3. managing our publishing and conferences, and 4. embracing electronic publishing. A longer statement is available here.

Andrew J Clark (Vice President):
My full statement is here  please read if you can.
In summary I have a proven track record, I am forward thinking and committed to the Association. I feel strongly that we should start the integration of AsiaCrypt in good time and we must embrace electronic publishing with increased use of the Web and other means to support our members, and promote research into cryptology.

David Balenson (Secretary):
Member of IACR since 1985. Will apply my excellent organizational skills as Secretary of the IACR, helping to foster research in cryptology, coordinate and expand our many activities, and guide our transition into the 21st century!! Promote balance and interaction among academia, industry, and government.

Josh Benaloh (Secretary):
I have researched and published in cryptography since 1985, served on the 1989 and 1996 CRYPTO program committees, and worked recently on crypto policy issues. My ample supply of pens and paper should serve as an asset for the position of IACR secretary. Click here for my homepage.

Greg Rose (Treasurer, Director):
I am committed to returning value to organisations I participate in. For example, I am currently vice-president of the USENIX association, and have been a director for 5 years. My work has moved away from that area into cryptographic security and authentication in mobile phones for QUALCOMM. Click here for a longer statement.

Jimmy Upton (Treasurer):
I have served as treasurer for the last three years. If you are satisfied with my handling of your money, vote for me.

Eli Biham (Director):
If elected, I will do my best to promote research, support young people, and speed up publications in traditional and electronic forms.

Whitfield Diffie (Director):
Working to make the world safe for cryptography.

Alain Hiltgen (Director):
The IACR has proved over the past to be a valuable connecting link between a multitude of apparently opposed interests. If elected, I would work towards preserving this highly privileged status which eventually ensures public research in cryptology the support and recognition it deserves in a modern society.

Xuejia Lai (Director):
I will do my best to transfer our knowledge of provable security achieved in IACR into the real-world applications before achieving our goal of having provably secure systems.

Peter Landrock (Director):
As secure communications becomes a prime (!) issue, the role of IACR becomes 2-fold: to lead the way with innovative research and to make sure that quality solutions are adapted worldwide.

Pil Joong Lee (Director):
IACR would be more effective as an international organization if the Board of Directors were representative of all the active regions in the world (currently only one director from Asia/Oceania). I will devote myself towards the advancement of IACR by promoting the active participation of the said region. Click here for a longer statement.

David Naccache (Director):
If elected, I will do my best to make all past CRYPTO and EUROCRYPT proceedings electronically available (boost the CD project) and promote industrial sponsorship of student participation in IACR.

Birgit Pfitzmann (Director):
Saarbrücken University (Germany); signatures, secure ecommerce, formal models. Politically, I emphasize personal freedom, but I see IACR as a forum for research and open discussions, not for resolutions, unless free cryptographic research is threatened. Naturally, I'd contribute European viewpoints. In everyday IACR business like reviewing, I prefer quality over quantity. Click here for my hompage.

Yiannis Tsiounis (Director):
With this statement I would like to apply for an IACR Director position. My purpose is to infuse new ideas into the organization, from an academic as well as an operational perspective. It will be a joy to contribute to and become familiar with the inner structure of IACR.

Bart Preneel

Thu Oct 1 18:29:30 CEST 1998